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Movement For Human Rights demands immediately halt to unlawful inspection of Memorial

21 March 2013 

Source: (info)
Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the Movement For Human Rights has made a direct appeal to the chief prosecutor of Moscow, S. V. Kudeneev, in connection with the ‘inspection’ by the prosecutor’s office of the Memorial human rights organization.

The appeal, entitled "On the crude violation of the rights of non-profit organzations," states:

"...It has become known to us that at the present time in the offices of the world-renown Memorial human rights association, the Moscow prosecutor’s office is conducting an inspection.

We declare that this inspection is absolutely unlawful in nature since, under the federal law regulating the prosecutor’s office, an inspection of this kind can only be conducted when there is information about violations of the law that require action by prosecutors. There are no other grounds by which the prosecutor’s office can conduct inspections of this kind. Oversight of the observance of the laws regulating non-profit organizations is the function  of the government body that registers non-profit organizations – the Ministry of Justice.

Moreover, the prosecutor’s office informed a film unit of the NTV TV station about the inspections, which is also a gross violation of the law.

We demand an immediate end to unlawful inspections of NGOs, which are in gross violation of the law and of the international obligations of the Russian Federation."