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Prosecutors come to Moscow Helsinki Group

28 March 2013 

Source: (info)
On 28 March 2013 prosecutors began an inspection at the offices of the Moscow Helsinki Group. The human rights defenders report that the officials from the Moscow procuracy taking part are prosecutor Viktoriya Vitalievna Maslova, senior assistant prosecutor for Moscow's western administrative district Anna Vyacheslavovna Dyakonova, and Tatyana Vaghina from the Ministry of Justice. Scandalmongers from the pro-Kremlin NTV tried to force their way into the offices, but the human rights defenders refused to let them in.

'This evening they will probably show on TV how "foreign agents" refuse to allow access to "free journalists",' the rights defenders joked sadly.

The law enforcement officers were interested in the reports of the Moscow Helsinki Group.

The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Ludmila Alekseeva, noted that the inspectors ‘behave themselves politely.’

‘Is this intimidation? Probably intimidation. The thing is, in relation to some human rights groups they behave more rudely, in relation to others, they take a more gentle approach,’ Ludmila Alekseeva said.

The people from NTV continue to ‘lay seige’ to the offices of the Moscow Helsinki Group.

Staff of the Moscow Helsinki Group said: ‘There was an item in the programme Accident on NTV. They made up all all kinds of nonsense – from the spy stone to Ludmila Alekseeva’s trip to the United States.’ Just one more demonstration of what today’s NTV has become.