Online Archive of the Russian Historical and Human Rights Journal 'Karta'


The online archive of the journal Karta is now live.

The Russian independent, historical and human rights journal Karta was published by Ryazan Memorial Society from 1992 until 2007. Regrettably the journal fell victim to the world financial crisis. In response to the many requests for back issues of the journal, Ryazan Memorial Society has created an online archive.

On the pages of Karta’s online archive you can download any issue of the journal in pdf format free of charge. You can also view any of the issues of the journal and its articles on history and human rights in JPG format.

The online archive provides free and easy access to all 46 issues of Karta. In the near future we intend to also add to the archive on the Internet a series of interesting materials and photographs that were never published in the journal.

Republication and other use of the materials of Karta are welcome. We request that appropriate acknowledgements are made and a link to the archive is provided.

The main themes discussed on the pages of Karta were:
- Preserving historical memory;
- The GULAG;
- The fate of people in the years of state terror;
- The history of the struggle for human rights and freedoms;
- The work of NGOs in protecting human rights and freedoms, and the methods and practices they use;
- The contemporary threat of authoritarianism.

Rights in Russia,
10 Feb 2012, 14:31