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Andrei Babushkin on Golos: ‘The position adopted by the Ministry of Justice is unlawful and erroneous’

10 April 2013 

Source: (info)
Andrei Babushkin, director of the Committee for Civil Rights:

‘I believe that Golos cannot be considered to be a foreign agent, on the following grounds:

- Golos does not act in the interests of foreign parties; 

- the public presentation of their proposals on introducing amendments to electoral law have a legal and not a political motivation, and did not acquire the character of political agitation;

- public events organized by Golos do not have a political character, since they are not directed towards obtaining or holding political power, or influencing political authority for the sake of its acquisition;

- advocacy by Golos of changes to legislation have been intended to achieve an optimal realization of constitutional law, and not the redistribution of political authority or the achievement of political power by a specific party; 

- any ruling that Golos is a political organization is based on an unjustifiably broad interpretation of the term ‘political activity’.

Consequently, the position adopted by the Ministry of Justice is unlawful and erroneous.

Andrei Babushkin