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Boris Akunin calls on the opposition to agree a joint election strategy

Source: (info), 06/02/12

· Electoral rights

The writer Boris Akunin, member of the League of Electors and of the organizing committee of the election protests, has called on the opposition to agree a joint strategy for the presidential elections. To put this idea into practice, Akunin proposes that a week before the 4 March elections the opposition should hold a series of primaries.

This could be in the form of a ‘round table’ or some other relatively small assembly of delegates. If a majority decided that the presidential elections were illegitimate, the assembly could decide everyone should go to the polling stations and do exactly the same thing with their ballot papers, Akunin writes in his blog. If a decision were taken to vote, then everyone should cast their vote for the same candidate. The writer points out that all those in opposition to the ‘power vertical’ should be united as one.

Boris Akunin has said, Radio Liberty reports, that if the members of the opposition cannot agree among themselves on what to do, this would indicate Russian society is not yet ready to pass the test of civic maturity. There will be other opportunities to take this test, the writer concludes.