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Aleksei Babii: The Rules of the Game Have to be Changed

Source: (info), 28/01/12

· Articles by human rights defenders · Krasnoyarsk region

From the blog of Aleksei Babii, chair of Krasnoyarsk Memorial:

...Once we thought we had only to get rid of the Communists and life would be good. Nowadays people think we only have to get rid of United Russia and Putin and everything will be OK.

It won’t be. It is, as mathematicians say, a necessary condition, but far from a sufficient one. The rules of the game have to be changed.

December’s protest movement was in fact about just this. Until politicians of the old school took over and it all resulted in the same old petty quarrels and infighting. Civil society became politicized and there and then died.

You might like to know that here in Krasnoyarsk on 4 February there will be five (yes, FIVE) different rallies, four of which will take place on Red Square, one after the other, from 9am until 9pm. One for the city lunatics, one for the Reds, one for the Whites and the last one – I can’t remember for what.

And do we really need all that? No, of course we don’t.

Only don’t go hoping that, if we win, everything will change, as if by magic.

We still have to spend a lot of time picking our faces up off the asphalt.

God willing, our grandchildren might see something that looks more or less like a civilized Russia…

Source: Aleksei Babii’s LiveJournal Blog
Rights in Russia,
31 Jan 2012, 08:17