St. Petersburg: Creative Intelligentsia Calls on Opposition to End Internal Squabbles and Create a Movement above Party Politics

Source: (info), 21/02/12

· Protest movement  · St Petersburg & Leningrad region

Leading public figures in St Petersburg, including film director Aleksandr Sokurov, writer Boris Strugatsky, and actors Aleksei Devotchenko and Svetlana Kriuchkova, have appealed to leaders of the opposition and all residents of St. Petersburg in connection with the scandal that occurred at the rally on 4 February.

Signatories of the appeal include human rights defenders, journalists, writers, academics and other prominent individuals. They are convinced that over the past two months the protest movement has decisively changed the political situation in the country, and that on 4 March the ‘political season’ will not come to an end.

The appeal states that ‘Replacing the heroes of the 31st day of the month, who had bravely opposed the riot police, thousands of new people have taken part in rallies and demonstrations who are not interested in the worn out internal conflicts between different groups of protestors.’

The activists are certain that the events of 4 February confirmed this.

‘The march in which tens of thousands of people took part ended with scandal. People left the closing rally not only because of the severe frost. They found it unpleasant to watch what was happening on the stage,’ the authors of the appeal say.

They appeal to the representatives of the numerous disparate organizing committees to ‘stop internal squabbles that disgrace our city and to create a single organizing committee capable of uniting the city’s inhabitants, and not only the small number of political activists, in the struggle for civil rights.’

The activists propose setting up a movement above party politics called ‘St. Petersburg Line – 2.0’ as a continuation of the ‘St Petersburg Line’ that existed at the start of the first decade of the 21st century to draw support from all St. Petersburgers not indifferent to current developments. Rosbalt New Agency reports that public figures who have signed the appeal dream, in the shape of ‘St Petersburg Line – 2.0’, of bringing representatives of the opposition together under a commitment to transparency, selflessness, political probity and dialogue with society.