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The blogger varfolomeev writes: “Every move the organizers of the protest demonstrations now make is under surveillance. Until recently, or so it had seemed, only their telephone conversations were being tapped... 

A video has appeared on the Internet (I don’t give links to illegally obtained video or phone taps) which recorded a conversation between Gennady Gudkov (deputy of the State Duma, among other things) and Vladimir Ryzhkov. They are discussing in a restaurant the upcoming protest demonstrations, talks with the city authorities and other political questions.

Apart from the fact of secret filming itself, the authors of the tape – whether from the KGB or anywhere else – did not manage to provide the viewer with anything special. Interestingly, the titles to the video put a special emphasis on the fact that members of the opposition - o horror! - use swear words.

Ryzhkov and Gudkov did not give away any secrets. On the other hand, these “filmmakers” one more time showed how afraid the ruling clique now is of our demonstrations.

p.s. And in general, the opposition should think, if not about using conspiratorial methods, then at least about a better level of security and about creating safe locations, something that Vladimir Bukovsky has recently written about: “If we now need to draw on the Polish experience, then it is not the Round Table but the resistance to emergency military rule.

We must be ready if the regime tries to intern opposition leaders and activists, in Moscow and in the regions. In case this should happen we must make ready reserve apartments, telephones, Internet access, and simple means to get things printed.

We should prepare ourselves for a time when the Internet and mobile phone networks could be closed down for a time, and we should have alternative means of communication ready.

We should expect that opposition media would be put out of action – and make arrangements ahead of time for emergency means of communication and organization.”

Source: LiveJournal blog by varfolomeev
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18 Jan 2012, 11:22