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Human Rights Defenders to Clarify Grounds for Detaining Protestors

Source: (info), 28/05/12

· Right of assembly  · Persecution of activists  · Public protests

Human rights defenders intend to clarify the reasons for the detention of protestors, head of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov, has told journalists.

According to Fedotov, “in the wearing of white ribbons, just as ribbons of any other colour, or white clothing and clothing of other colours, there is no violation of the law, and there can be none.”

Rosbalt news agency reports that head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Ludmila Alekseeva has also condemned the detention of protestors on the Arbat. She described what was happening as a “disgrace” and said “this is our city and we have the right to walk here.”

Earlier it had been reported that during demonstrations in the centre of Moscow tens of activists wearing white ribbons had been detained by police without explanation.