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Kazan penal colony staff prosecuted for violating inmates’ rights

3 December 2012 

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Russian human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has informed inmates’ relatives of the outcome of an inspection of penal colony No 2 in Kazan. Following a mass hunger strike by inmates at penal colony No. 2 in late September, prisoners’ relatives appealed to human rights ombudsman Lukin about numerous violations of inmates’ rights. 

The situation in the penal colony was closely monitored by the members of the Tartarstan Public Oversight Commission for human rights in places of detention, which works in close co-operation with the Kazan Human Rights Centre. 

Based on the inspection’s results, the prosecutor of Tatarstan directed the head of the Russian Federation Prison Service to eliminate the violations and punish the officers responsible. Disciplinary proceedings have been brought against four prison officers at penal colony No 2, including its deputy head. The institution’s punishment isolation cell has been refurbished and controls over food quality have been tightened.