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Federal Prison Service Proposes Role for Juries in Parole Cases

Source: (info), 01/10/12 

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Citing an article in Moskovsky Komsomolets, reports that the Federal Prison Service has proposed a role for juries in the legal review of applications for parole. Other proposals which should easing the process of obtaining parole were also submitted at hearings in the Public Chamber.

Sergei Filimonov, head of the Department of Social, Psychological and Educational Work with Convicted Prisoners also proposed dispensing with the need for consideration of prisoner character references during review of applications for parole. Such character references are currently drawn by prison governors and suffer from subjectivity. He suggested that the judge examining applications for parole should be sent complete case files so that they could form their own opinion of the prisoners.

During hearings at the Public Chamber, Aleksandr Khrapov, a former prosecutor for Moscow, and now a barrister, proposed the creation of a dedicated institute of judges to deal solely with parole applications. He also believes that prisoner repentance and acknowledgment of guilt should no longer be considered as criteria for parole. also reports on Khrapov’s further suggestion that a prisoner’s refusal to work should not be considered a serious violation. 

The General Prosecutor’s Office has commenced preparation of a special guide for those seeking parole, with many prisoners unsure of how to correctly file an application. In addition, a proposal was made for a reduction in the waiting period for parole re-applications, which currently stands at 6 months.