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Perm is first Russian Region to Vote on a Bill on Public Oversight

Source: (info), 10/10/11 

Perm region Legislative Assembly has held a round-table to discuss a regional bill “On Public (Civic) Oversight in Perm Region”.

Participants in the round-table included members of the Legislative Assembly, the Perm region Human Rights Ombudsman, and representatives of NGOs and local government in Perm region. They discussed a bill to regulate public participation in government affairs, reports the Federal Press News Agency, citing the Human Rights Ombudsman's press office.

The bill “On Public (Civic) Oversight in the Perm Region”, tabled by Perm region Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Margolina, has been passed in its first reading by Perm region Legislative Assembly.

Tatyana Margolina said Perm region was the first subject of the Russian Federation to embark on an experiment in public oversight.

The bill lays the legal foundations for the participation of NGOs in public oversight of the manner in which federal bodies, Perm region self-government bodies, as well as state and municipal organizations that provide state and municipal services, observe the rights and lawful interests of citizens.

The bill also envisages changes to the existing regional law on the Perm region Public Chamber, which is to play the leading role in the organization and coordination of public oversight.

According to Igor Averkiev, chair of the NGO Perm Civic Chamber, this is the first time in Russia that a Public Chamber has the chance to become a genuine platform for regulating relations between the public and the authorities.

Since a whole raft of additions and amendments to the bill “On Public (Civic) Oversight in Perm Region” were proposed at the round- table, Yury Elokhov, chair of the Committee on State Policy and Local Self-Government of the Perm region Legislative Assembly, recommended that all the comments and proposals be collated and presented to the working group preparing the bill for its second reading.