Fedotov Asks Federal Migration Service to Legalise Migrants Released from Slavery

20 November 2012 

Source: HRO.org (info)
RIA Novosti has reported that the head of the Presidential Council on Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov has appealed to the Federal Migration Service to legalize the workers liberated from slavery in a Moscow store. "I have already asked the head of the Federal Migration Service to resolve the issue of the legalization of these freed slaves on Russian territory," Fedotov said at joint hearings of the Presidential Council on Human Rights and of the Commission of the Public Chamber on issues of national security.

Chair of the Civic Assistance Committee, Svetlana Gannushkina, expressed her amazement that the outcome was restricted to the release of the victims and to fines for the store owners. She stressed that a thorough investigation was needed. The case must be given maximum publicity to ensure that this does not happen again, she said.

Anatoly Kucherena, the head of the Commission of the Public Chamber for national security issues stated that he will take this case under his personal control, Grani.ru reports. 

The deputy head of the internal security division of the Moscow city police, Andrei Sevryugin, stated at the hearing that the victims had repeatedly left the capital and set off for their home country. "It has been discovered that some of the victims have repeatedly travelled from Moscow to their homeland,” he said. “What kind of slavery can we be talking about here?"

Sevryugin noted that the investigation is on-going. The police have interviewed about seventy local residents who were unable to confirm that this store had used slave labour. According to him, the information that local police officers had provided cover for the store’s owners had not yet been confirmed either.