Human Rights Reception Point for Labour Migrants Opens in Sochi

Source: (info), 23/07/12

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On 16 July 2012 Memorial Human Rights Centre’s Migration and Law Network began work in Sochi. Visitors can receive free legal assistance at the Sochi reception point.

The work of Migration and Law’s Sochi reception point is primarily directed towards providing consultations and legal assistance for labour migrants. At the reception point, migrants can familiarize themselves with legislation and obtain other information, receive consultations from a lawyer, and gain assistance in preparing applications to administrative and judicial bodies. All services are provided free.

Semen Simonov, the coordinator of the reception point, said: “Citizens of Uzbekistan whose rights had been violated by their employers applied to us on the opening day. We will study the available documents and decide on further actions. It is possible that we will defend the victims' rights in court.”

The Sochi human rights defenders' first successful matter before the opening of the reception point was participating in negotiations with the company SU-45 over the payment of outstanding wages to builders from Tajikistan. As a result, nine workers received the full amount that was outstanding.

In addition, the reception point staff are conducting an educational campaign among labour migrants arriving at construction sites in Sochi to inform them about the necessity to negotiate contracts and observe the rules of migration law.

At the present moment, the Migration and Law Network comprises 50 reception points and covers more than 45 regions in Russia in which a total of 80% of all forced migrants live. This is one of Memorial Human Rights Center's programs.

Address of the reception point: 2nd Floor, 204, Lenin Street, Adler village, Sochi.
Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 14:00 to 20:00.
Tel: +7-918-001-60-18 (Semen Simonov).

This translation is based on that published by Memorial, reprinted by kind permission.