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Unlawful checks on registration have begun in Moscow apartments

28 February 2013 

Source: (info
Checks on registration have begun in apartments in Russia’s capital city. The reason for this is unclear as the law increasing the severity of the penalty for infringement of registration rules has only passed its first reading. 

Internet magazine Novaya gazeta reports that many statements from residents who have encountered these officials conducting checks have appeared on the internet. 

Residents of a house on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street reported: “A large crowd of six or seven people came to our house. They claimed to be employees of the Integrated Procurement Directorate. It became apparent immediately what was happening”. 

A resident of an apartment on The Sixtieth Anniversary of October Avenue reported: “Their first question was whether I was the owner of the apartment, could I show them my passport and could they enter the house with my permission.” 

Earlier on the website of the Department of Housing and Public Works a direction was published which instructed the commission, consisting of two representatives of the controlling organisation, two witnesses and a local representative, to carry out checks in private apartments twice a month. 

Meanwhile, a collection of signatures is still being amassed on the internet opposing the passing of the so-called “Law on registration”. On 28th February 2013 over 30,000 people had signed the petition.