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Maria Baronova Charged with Inciting Disorder at Bolotnaya Square May 6 Rally

Source: (info), 22/06/12

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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has charged activist Maria Baronova with inciting mass disorder during the March of Millions on 6 May in Moscow, reports, citing RIA Novosti. She was released on condition she did not leave Moscow.

It was first reported that Maria Baronova was to be charged on 18 June. A week earlier her home had been searched, along with those of a number of other opposition leaders. In her blog on Echo of Moscow she wrote that the police seized “15 pieces of white cloth, each 36 centimetres long”, “a badge with the logo LGBT in the shape of a pink triangle on a black background”, “55 badges with the words ‘We’ll Come Again’ and other items.”

In addition, in her words, in the official protocol of the search there figures “a glass object of an incorrect shape (a water pipe).” “That is what they called a Maholda inhaler,” the journalist related.

Olga Baronova, coordinator of the movement Russia for All became the 14th person to be charged in connection with the disturbances on Bolotnaya Square. Earlier, 13 people had been detained, however subsequently one of them – an activist of the unregistered party The Other Russia Aleksandr Kamensky – was released on condition that he did not leave Moscow. He has still not been charged.

On 6 May the March of Millions, held in Moscow, developed into clashes with the police. According to the opposition, the clashes began because the police closed off the way through to Bolotnaya Square, where the rally was to take place. According to the authorities’ version, the demonstrators provoked the riot police.

As a result of the clashes tens of people were injured – both police and demonstrators. Six riot police officers who were injured at Bolotnaya Square have since been given apartments.

In addition to the investigation into the disorders at Bolotnaya Square on 6 May, investigators are in parallel looking into speeches made by Aleksei Navalny at the December rallies. For this reason the rally organizers have been called in for questioning.