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'May 6 Committee' Set Up to Support Accused over Bolotnaya Square Demonstration

Source: (info), 02/07/12

· Persecution of activists  · Public protest  · Moscow city & Moscow region

The ‘May 6 Committee’, created to help those charged in relation to the demonstration on 6 May on Bolotnaya Square, has begun its work, Solidarity activist Sergei Davidis writes in his blog.

The Committee plans to give legal and financial assistance to those against whom charges have been brought in relation to the disturbances on Bolotnaya Square. The Committee plans to make information about detainees public, organise events in their support, and draw public attention to the cases, New Politics reports.

Furthermore, the Committee intends to work with a ‘risk group’ – participants in the first March of Millions who were detained on Bolotnaya Square and convicted under administrative law. One of those detained on 6 May, an activist with The Other Russia Alexander Dolmatov, has applied for political asylum in the Netherlands.

The ‘May 6 Committee’ declared 26 July 2012 to be an ‘International Day of United Action in Defence of those Accused and Charged in Connection with the Bolotnaya Square Demonstration’.

Members of the Committee include activists from Solidarity, The Other Russia, Left Front, Autonomous Action, White Ribbon, the Russian Socialist movement, OccupyMoscow, and other movements and organisations.