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Court Places Activist Dukhanina Under House Arrest

Source: (info), 30/05/12

· Persecution of activists  · Public protests  · Moscow city & Moscow region

Activist Aleksandra Dukhanina, charged with violence against police in the course of the disturbances on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May, has been placed under house arrest until 6 July 2012 by Moscow’s Basmanny district court, the group ‘Voina’ reported on Twitter.

Dukhanina’s defence has three days in which to decide whether to appeal against the court’s ruling, Rosbalt reports.

Earlier Dukhanina’s lawyer, Dmitry Efremov told journalists that there had been violations during the official investigation into the actions of the young woman. In particular, during the identity parade, women with blonde hair had been invited as extras, when she herself has dark hair.

It was also reported that Aleksandra Dukhanina, detained in relation to mass disturbances on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May, has denied any guilt in relation to articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under which she has been charged: Article 212 (call to mass disturbance) and Article 318 (use of violence against representative of government). It was also reported that at police headquarters at Petrovka, 38, a member of the riot squad identified Dukhanina as having thrown stones.

After the events of the so-called March of Millions on 6 May, in the course of which clashes between protesters and police occurred and there were mass arrests, the opposition organised spontaneous protests for three days in succession. Sergei Udaltsov and blogger Aleksei Navalny called people to go on “people’s promenades.” The police broke up and detained the “promenaders”. Navalny himself, during the three days of the protest actions, was detained four times, and Udaltsov was detained three times. Both men were sentenced to 15 days in prison.