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All Those Arrested in Connection with May 6 Disturbances on Bolotnaya Square Held on Remand

Source: (info), 15/06/12

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Basmanny court in Moscow has ruled that the twelfth detainee in the case of the disturbances at Bolotnaya Square, supporter of the unregistered Other Russia party Alexander Kamensky, be held on remand. This was reported by on 14 June citing Interfax.

Eleven of the 13 detainees are already being held in pre-trial detention: Andrei Barabanov, Maksim Luzyanin, Mikhail Kosenko, Stepan Zimin, Yaroslav Belousov, Denis Lutskevich, Fedor Bakov, Oleg Arkhipenkov, Rikhard Sobolev, Vladimir Akimenkov and Artem Savelov. Another suspect, eighteen-year-old Alexandra Dukhanina, has been placed under house arrest.

The cases against the participants in the protest which took place on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May was initiated under the articles of the Criminal Code that concern "appeals to mass disturbances" and "use of violence against a government representative". According to the ITAR-TASS news agency, some of those arrested have already been charged. As part of the criminal investigation, searches have been carried out at the apartments of opposition leaders Aleksei Navalny, Kseniya Sobchak, Sergei Udaltsov and Ilya Yashin. The leaders themselves are involved in the case as witnesses.

According to the investigation, on 6 May protest participants attempted to break through the police cordon, at which point some threw bottles and flares at OMON riot police. Around 30 police officers were injured as a result and more than 400 protesters were detained.