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Damage from Demonstration on Bolotnaya Square Assessed at 28.5 Million Roubles

28 November 2012 

Source: (info)
The prosecution is calling for each of the six people charged in connection with the Bolotnaya Square demonstration to pay compensation for all the material damage which was supposedly caused at the time of the disturbances, not demarcating the “share” of each of them in damage caused as the law states it should. According to Vedomosti, the charges against each contain an identical sum of 28.5 million roubles.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs assessed their losses at approximately 439,000 roubles. The capital’s police calculated losses in property at 371,000 roubles. The list of losses includes one damaged and 27 broken Djetta shockproof helmets, 14 Kora-Kulon bullet proof vests, 29 rubber sticks (PR-73M), seven limb-protectors, three waist-protectors, 12 handcuffs, 19 gas masks (GP-8V), four fire blankets, two electric megaphones and eight police radios. The Office of Transport for the Ministry of Internal Affairs said the cost of five of the lost rubber sticks and two police radios would total 43,800 roubles. Compensation of 23,600 roubles is also demanded by the Chelyabinsk police who lost two helmets and a police radio, reports.

The directorate of Housing Services in Moscow’s Central District valued the damage to the asphalt at 28 million roubles, and Eko Service Ltd has demanded compensation for six broken mobile toilets at a cost of 73,800 roubles.

Identical sums of 28.5 million roubles were included in the charges brought last week against Artem Savelov, Denis Lutskevich and Andrei Barabanov. Similar figures appeared in the cases of Vladimir Akimenkov and Yaroslav Belousov, and also of Maksim Luzyanin who has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

The defendants’ lawyers emphasize that by law the investigation must demarcate the damage caused by each defendant, but this has not been done. Futhermore, the sum of 28.5 million is obviously an excessive figure. In the words of the lawyer of Denis Lutskevich, Dmitri Dinze, it is incomprehensible how pieces of asphalt can be valued at 28 million roubles, and bio-toilets that were overturned can be described as “destroyed.”