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Bolotnaya Square Cases: One of the Accused Alleges He Has Been Injected with Unknown Substance

Source: (info), 29/06/12

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Oleg Arkhipenkov, a suspect in connection with the Bolotnaya Square disturbances, has been placed in an unidentified psychiatric ward where he was injected with an unknown substance. Archipenkov’s lawyer, Igor Polovsky, has informed of this latest development. quotes Polovsky as saying: “I couldn’t locate Archipenkov for six days, from 19 to 26 June. Finally the investigator told me Archipenkov had voluntarily agreed to psychiatric assistance and had been placed in a hospital. However, they declined to tell me which hospital. Once I finally found Archipenkov in the Butyrsky prison, he looked not at all himself. He insisted that he had been injected with something at the unidentified psychiatric ward. He was not in any shape to answer my questions.”

Oleg Arkhipenkov is 27 years old and a commercial director of a tourist agency. He is one of 11 people arrested in relation to the Bolotnaya Square demonstration on 6 May.

Moscow City Court has already upheld the arrest of Andrei Barabanov and Maksim Lusianin, two others implicated in the protest at Bolotnaya Square. The Court rejected their appeals and refused to release them from jail on bail.

Luzianin, businessman and bodybuilder, and Barabanov, unemployed, are both charged under Article 318, Section 1, of the Criminal Code (use of force, not threatening to life or health, against a public official) and Article 212, Section 2, of the Criminal Code (participation in riots). Both Luzianin and Barabanov were remanded in custody on 30 May until 6 July.

It was reported that Luzianin pled guilty in full, whereas Barabanov pled guilty only in part. Barabanov was charged in hospital where he had been transferred after announcing a dry hunger strike. Barabanov claims he was beaten. From the hospital he was taken to Matrosskayia Tishina pre-trial detention centre in Moscow.

Eleven people in all are held on remand in relation to the events on Bolotnaya Square. In addition to Luzianin and Barabanov, the following nine have been arrested: Vladimir Akimenkov, a Left Front activist; Yaroslav Belousov, a student at Moscow State University; Oleg Arkhipenkov, commercial director of a tourist agency; Richard Sobolev, a nationalist; Mikhail Kosenko, who has disabilities; Stepan Zimin, a Modern East major at Russian State University for the Humanities; Denis Lutskevich, a former marine; Artem Savelov, unemployed; Fedor Bakhov, a PhD in chemistry. Aleksandra Dukhanina, a university student, has been placed under house arrest. Aleksandr Kamensky, a supporter of the unregistered party The Other Russia, and opposition activist Maria Baronova are under travel restrictions.