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One of Accused in ‘Bolotnaya Case’ Speaks Out about Behaviour of Investigators

13 November 2012 

Source: (info)
One of the accused in the ‘Bolotnaya case’, the scientist Fedor Bakhov, who was released from pre-trial detention on bail on 6 November 2012, has spoken out in an interview with Bolshoi Gorod about his arrest, his first interrogation and life in detention. quotes Bakhov as saying that in his first interrogation investigator Denis Konov immediately said that they possessed ‘irrefutable evidence’ against him. He was shown a video recording in which several demonstrators hit a riot police officer, who was calling for help. Bakhov was not amongst these people but the investigator refused to show any more of the video recording, referring to the secrecy of the investigation. At the same time Konov said that Bakhov was on the video and it would be better for him to ‘immediately tell all.’

The defence counsel provided by the state, Vasily Napolov, put the same proposal to Bakhov. According to Bakhov, the lawyer assured him that if he honestly confessed, he would immediately be released and allowed home.

‘All the investigators were well dressed, created the impression of being normal people – not brutes, they didn’t beat me. And I believed them,’ Bakhov explained. As a result he told them that he accidently found himself in that part of the crowd which broke through the cordon of riot police. After this confession they immediately charged him with breaching a police cordon and participating in mass disturbances.

Fedor Bakhov, who has a PhD in chemistry, was arrested on 10 June 2012. According to the May 6th Committee, Bakhov has a four year old daughter and a wife with heart trouble. He took part in the winter opposition meetings and also was an observer at the presidential elections. On 6 May 2012 on Bolotnaya Square at the time of his arrest, Bakhov was hit on the back of the head with a police truncheon and dragged across the asphalt. He was released on 6 November on bail with certain travel restrictions.