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Investigation brings final charges against Lutskevich in Bolotnaya Square case

23 November 2012 

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Agora Human Rights Association reports that the Investigative Committee of Russia has brought a final indictment against Denis Lutskevich, currently held in pre-trial detention facility No.5 in Moscow. Lutskevich is accused of using violence towards a representative of authority and taking part in mass rioting. Denis Lutskevich is represented by Dmitry Dinze, a lawyer working with Agora

“Previously, any investigators heading a subgroup working on the Bolotnaya Square case could bring a charge, depending on what incidents had taken place,” said Dmitry Dinze, “For example, Bykov, the investigator from Tver who examined the incident that Lutskevich stands accused of, might have done so. But subsequently, the Investigative Committee indicated that the main charge was being brought by investigators from the Main Moscow Investigative Directorate. So today not only Bykov was present in the investigations room of the detention facility, but also a new investigator, and he was the one who actually charged my client. In general, all of the main procedural steps should be carried out by the head of the investigative team responsible for the Bolotnaya Square case, Gabdulin. I just do not see why responsibility for bringing a charge was given to some investigator from the Main Moscow Investigative Directorate.” 

As well as participation in mass rioting, Lutskevich is charged with using violence against Moscow riot police sergeant Aleksei Troerin, a trooper of One Company, Second Battalion. In October Lutskevich himself made a statement to the Investigative Committee in which he called for Troerin to be prosecuted for making a "knowingly false denunciation" and giving "knowingly false testimony" (Articles 306 and 307 of the Russian Criminal Code respectively).