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New Arrests Expected in Investigation into Bolotnaya Square Disturbances

Source: (info), 17/07/12

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Preparations are being made for new arrests in the case of the mass disorder during the March of Millions on 6 May, Nezavisimaya gazeta writes, quoting Anastasia Rybachenko, a Solidarity activist. According to Anastasia Rybachenko, she has the information from "trusted sources close to the investigation".

Anastasia Rybachenko says that arrests are being prepared in relation to three young people, two of whom hit metal barriers and were wearing medical masks. Allegedly they were identified in a police video. Even the surname and initals of the third person in question are known, writes, V.A.Bragin.

"In relation to Bragin the investigators have a video and all materials confirming that he was present on Bolotnaya Square,” Anastasia Rybachenko states. “They have already searched his home."

Last week it became known that Anastasia Rybachenko has applied for political asylum in Germany. On 11 July her mother’s apartment in Moscow was searched by the police. "They seized a coat that I allegedly wore at the rally on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May. They made a note of all my telephone contacts. They made a note of the last telephone number from which I phone Mum,” she wrote on the day of the search. “They said that it would be better for me to give in that they would in any case find me,” she added.

Anastasia Rybachenko, who is at present in Germany, has begun to consult lawyers about the possibility of obtaining political asylum in Munich. According to a source within diplomatic circles in Germany, it is possible that Anastasia Rybachenko will be given political asylum, and for this reason she does not need to return to Russia.

On 11 July Moscow city court turned down cassational appeals against the pre-trial detention of five suspects held in relation to the 6 May events on Bolotnaya Square. The court upheld the decision by the Basmanny district court to hold on remand the following: Artem Savelov until 11 August, Oleg Arkhipenkov and Vladimir Akimenkov until 10 August, and Denis Lutskevich until 9 August. The court also upheld the decision to place the suspect Aleksandr Kamensky in pre-trial detention. Kamensky was later released on condition of certain travel restrictions.

In total, 13 people have been detained in relation to the investigation. The student Aleksandra Dukhanina is subject to house arrest. Aleksandr Kamensky, a supporter of the unregistered party The Other Russia, and the opposition activist Mariya Baronova, have been released subject to travel restrictions.