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Public Appeal by Moscow Memorial Society

14 December 2012 

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The talks between the opposition Coordinating Council and the Moscow City authorities over the holding of a march on 15 December have been unsuccessful. As a result, the march has been cancelled. At the same time, according to reports in the media and on the internet a number of private individuals have stated their intention to lay flowers at the Solovetsky Stone, the monument set up on Lubyanka Square in 1990 by Memorial to commemorate the victims of communist terror.

We fear that violence might take place on a site which is a reminder to all of us that political violence inevitably drives the nation towards the abyss.

We urge the Moscow City authorities and law-enforcement agencies not to hinder free access to the Solovetsky Stone for members of the public.

We call on everyone to refrain from any actions that could hinder the peaceful laying of flowers at the monument in memory of those who died as a result of political persecution.

The Board of Moscow Memorial

This is a slightly adapted version of a translation by Memorial