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The exhibition ‘Ryazan 1937. Black Jubilee’ is now online

26 December 2012 

Andrei Blinushov 

Editors of the website have now made it possible to view online material from the Ryazan Memorial Society’s unique documentary exhibition “Ryazan 1937. Black Jubilee”. 

The exhibition’s organisers are photographer, Nikolai Sereda and historian Aleksandr Nikitin. 

“…We had not been born in 1937, but we have brought that year, which contains so many mutually incompatible elements, alive for ourselves. The year of Pushkin’s anniversary celebrations and of show trials; the year of the Soviet nationwide census and of still more terrible extrajudicial killings; the year of the first general elections in the USSR and of the “Great Terror”. 1937 had its own uniquely complex drama and scale of tragedy which is incomparable…”

Nikolai Sereda 

“…We draw your attention to our experience of the historical reconstruction of 1937. “A bad, hot year pregnant with a terrible future” as writer Yuri Dombrovsky called it. Only a handful of people remember Ryazan in that period and the rest know practically nothing at all about it…”

Aleksandr Nikitin