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In Memory of Those from Ryazan who were Victims of Soviet Repression

31 October 2012 

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On 30th October 2012 a series of events took place dedicated to the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Political Repression. 

A memorial was unveiled at the cemetery of NKVD camp No. 178-454 in memory of people from Ryazan who were victims of Soviet state terror. The creators of the memorial were the Ryazan sculptors and designers Vasily Gorbunov and Polina Boyarinova.

Taking part in the ceremony were representatives of the Ryazan city government, the regional commission on rehabilitation, Memorial human rights organization, the association of victims of political repression, actors and theatre directors from Ryazan and Skopin, members of the Union of Writers,  residents of Ryazan city and region.

In the Pavel Vasilev library a memorial evening was held dedicated to the Day of the Political Prisoner.

In the museum of youth movements a meeting took place with former prisoner and director of the Predel theatre, Vladimir Delem.

A video version of the show Gusenbakh – Kochugurki was premiered. It was dedicated to the fate of Soviet Germans deported by the NKVD from along the territory along the Volga to the mines of the Skopinsky region in Ryazan region.

Ryazan Memorial Society put a presentation on their website dedicated to the theme of Soviet repression in the territory of Ryazan region. 

Photos: Nikolai Sereda, Serafima Sevastyanova, Vladimir Sivakov, Vladimir Galakhov, Andrei Blinushov,,, Ludmilla Trukhina, Sergei Chuikov. 

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