New Electronic Archive of Ryazan Memorial

Source: (info), 21/06/12

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The Ryazan branch of Memorial, the human rights advocacy organization, invites readers to its new electronic archive, the “Archival Collection of Memorial-Ryazan.”

The materials on the site are dedicated to the history of Soviet terror on the territory of Ryazan.

The site provides online access to an electronic database containing numbered documents, along with their descriptions, from Memorial’s archival collection.

This web resource is an evolving project and is regularly updated with new archival cases, photographs, biographical information and other data.

If you would like to receive email announcements about new materials and documents being added to the website, and to receive updates about changes made to the existing archive, please use the sign-up form for our group listserv, located in the Q & A section on the home page.

One of the most important goals of this online resource is to expand the sphere of interaction with our audience.

This includes using input from interested readers to fill in the biographical information on victims of the repressions; to find their photographs and other related documents; to update the descriptions of memorial places and to write about ones that are still undocumented; and to correct any mistakes or inaccuracies. If you would like to participate, please write to

We aim to fight for the dignified preservation of the memories of all victims of the Soviet government’s mass political terror. This is our duty, and the duty of our conscience.

Ryazan Memorial Society