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Witness in Bolotnaya trial fails to identify Kosenko as participant in alleged riot

16 September 2013 

Source: (info)
Riot police officer Roman Puzikov, a witness in the trial of those charged with rioting on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square, was questioned on Friday 13 September at Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky court. He did not identify Mikhail Kosenko as a participant in the riot.

"I might have seen him, I can’t remember. I didn’t see anyone’s face, so I can’t say whether he was there or not,” said Puzikov, whose statement was reported by RAPSI.

He added that he had not seen Kosenko on any of the video recordings of the events he had been shown.

Twelve people are on trial in Moscow City Court: Andrei Barabanov, Stepan Zimin, Denis Lutskevich, Yaroslav Belousov, Artem Savelov, Sergei Krivov, Aleksandra Dukhanina, Aleksei Polikhovich (charged with participating in mass riots and using violence against police officers), Vladimir Akimenkov, Nikolai Kavkazsky, Leonid Kovyazin (charged with participating in mass riots) and Maria Baronova (charged with incitement to disobey police orders).

According to Rosbalt they have all pleaded not guilty.