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New deadline for appeals against Ilya Farber's sentence requested by…Public Prosecutor’s Office

18 September 2013 

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested a new deadline for appeals against the sentence handed down to Ilya Farber, the rural schoolteacher and village club director sentenced to seven years and one month in a maximum security prison and fined 3.1 million rubles in coonection with a fabricated charge of corruption, as reported by the prisoner’s son, Petr Farber, on his Facebook page. 

The request was submitted to the Ostashkovsky town court in Tver region under Article 389 (5) of the Criminal Procedure Code, and will be heard on 24 September according to

Farber’s sentence, which has not yet entered into force, was handed down on 1 August by the same judge, Aleksei Lebedev. 

At the start of September President Vladimir Putin referred to Farber’s sentence as outrageous, but commented that “the final decision was taken by the judge,” and that “mistakes can happen”. He then concluded that, “These are issues of the improvement of the judicial system needs. But it does not mean that the judicial system is worthless and needs to be completely dismantled." 

In August and September a number of protests were held in Moscow against Farber’s sentence. The most recent took place last Wednesday, with Petr Farber among the participants. The protesters, wearing black cloaks and barbed wire wreaths on their heads, walked from Kudrinskaya Square to the Supreme Court building on Povarskaya ulitsa, where they laid wreaths. 

Petr Farber was detained and taken to the Arbat police station after the rally.