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Charges against Mikhail Savva forwarded to the court

3 October 2013 

Source: (info)
Krasnodar region prosecutors have confirmed the charges against Mikhail Savva, a professor at Kuban State University, his wife Elena Savva reports on her Facebook page.

According to Elena Savva, Mikhail Savva is charged with two crimes related to fraud, and the indictment has been passed on to the court. At the same time, Savva’s lawyers have not been allowed to meet with their client. "I have just phoned the lawyer. For two days already – Friday and today, Monday – the laywer has not been able to meet with Mikhail in remand centre No. 5 where he is being held. The lawyer has been standing in line for several hours and nonetheless cannot get into meet Mikhail,” Elena Savva has said, according to a report by FederalPress.

On 12 April Mikhail Savva was detained on charges of large-scale fraud (Article 159, Section 3, of the Criminal Code).

According to FSB investigators, in implementing a project entitled Building Peace, Mikhail Savva did not conduct a piece of sociological research for which 300,000 roubles had been allotted as part of a grant from the Ministry of Economic Development.

On 13 April, Krasnodar’s October district court remanded Mikhail Savva in custody for two months, and Savva’s detention was subsequently prolonged for a further two months. On 27 April about 80 people took part in a rally in Krasnodar in support of Professor Savva. Later, Mikhail Savva was charged with one further instance of alleged fraud: he was accused of receiving money for a course of lectures that he had not given.