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Yury Shmidt: "This is not a verdict, this is lawlessness"

Source: (info), 30/12/10

· Yukos Case

Mikhail Khodokovsky and Platon Lebedev have been sentenced to 13,5 years in a penal colony. Taken together with the first sentence, the total term in prison is 14 years.

The State prosecutors demanded 14 years in a general regime penal colony for the accused. As the lawyers noted, the verdict of Judge Viktor Danilkin practically word for word repeated the text of the prosecutors’ charges.

The two men will serve their sentences in general regime penal colonies. writes that, according to Maksim Dbar, press spokesperson of the former head of Yukos, if the verdict handed down by the Khamovniky court is recognized as lawful, then Khodorkovsky and Lebedev will be released in 2017.

According to, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s lawyer, Yury Shmidt, called the court’s verdict in his client’s case, and also that imposed on the former head of Menatep, Platon Lebedev, lawlessness. “This is not a verdict, this is lawlessness,” Yury Shmidt told journalists on Thursday.

Yury Shmidt said that the verdict would be appealed by the defence in accordance with the law.

“The verdict is a result of pressure from the authorities who have an interest in not allowing Khodorkovsky to return to freedom,” the lawyer said.

The verdict can be appealed against during the New Year public holidays. The deadline for the submitting the appeal is the first working day of 2011.
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30 Dec 2010, 23:09