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Natalya Vasilieva: At First Danilkin Gave Khodorkovsky 10 Years, and Not 13 Years 6 Months (Photo of the Document)

Source: (info), 14/06/11

· Yukos Case

On 14 June 2011 Natalya Vasilieva, former press secretary at Moscow’s Khamovniki District Court, during questioning at the Investigative Committee handed Major-General Aleksandr Drymanov three pages of documents which, she asserts, contain a version of the sentence in the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev that was not announced by Judge Viktor Danilkin.

This was stated by Irina Khrunova, the lawyer acting for Natalya Vasilieva and a legal analyst from Agora Human Rights Association.

In the documents, which had been crossed through with three exclamation marks on each page, it stated: “In conclusion, to sentence Khodorkovsky M.B. to a term in prison of 10 (ten) years in a general regime prison colony.” In the case of Platon Lebedev, a photocopy handed today to the Investigative Committee also indicated a term of 10 years in prison. Natalya Vasilieva explained that these documents happened by chance to be in a folder she had that contained signed documents.

“The questioning was dry and quite formal,” lawyer Irina Khrunova said. “The questions were: ‘Did you personally see how the sentence was written by the judges of Moscow City Court? Did you personally hear how Judge Danilkin was given advice by Moscow City Court?’ The general sense of the questioning was: ‘You understand that the rest is all just speculation and the investigators are not interested in that.’”

During the questioning Natalya Vasilieva confirmed all the statements she had earlier made to the media. The questioning, conducted in person by Major-General of Justice, Aleksandr Drymanov, head of the investigating group and senior investigator for specially important cases under the chair of the Investigative committee of Russia, lasted for more than two-and-a-half hours.

It will be remembered that on 14 February 2011 Natalya Vasilieva, press secretary and assistant to the judge at Moscow’s Khamovniki District Court, said in an interview with that, in the case of the ex-owner of the Yukos oil company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Judge Viktor Danilkin had been constantly put under pressure, and the verdict convicting Khodorkovsky that he read out in court had in fact been written by Moscow City Court. Natalya Vasilieva underwent testing by a polygraph (the so-called ‘lie-detector’) which showed she was speaking the truth. She had taken the decision to give the interview independently and had not received any money for it. On 28 March after a vacation and a period of sick-leave, Natalya Vasilieva resigned from the court’s service.

The documents that Natalya Vasilieva handed to the Investigative Committee can be viewed here.
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15 Jun 2011, 14:05