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Volunteers Start Petition Against Law on Volunteers

14 February 2013 

Source: (info)
An expert group formed after a round table held by the Committee for Civic Initiatives on the new law on volunteers has put together its expert findings, writes activist Alena Popova in her blog. 

According to this report, the law seriously restricts the initiative of volunteers and contradicts both the provisions of laws already in force and the Constitution. The bill will also give officials the means to control and suppress volunteer activities, reduce investments in volunteering and increase corruption, reports.

A petition has been started on the Committee for Civic Initiatives' website, and a number of other information resources, in support of the views set out in this document.

As Alena Popova points out, volunteers are in favour of expanding cooperation with government bodies, giving volunteers access in emergency situations to carry out humanitarian operations, and a full exchange of information about victims - all of which requires the introduction of amendments to the 151st federal law (the Law On Emergency Rescue Services and the Status of Rescue Workers).

The new law on volunteers was initiated following the floods in Krymsk and the rise of the popular volunteer movement.