March of Millions Takes Place in Moscow. Vera Vasilieva Reports

posted 19 Sept 2012, 12:35 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 19 Sept 2012, 12:38 ]
Vera Vasilieva
, 16/09/12 


· Right of assembly  · Social rights  · Ministry of Internal Affairs  · Political prisoners 

· Persecution of activists  · Public protests  · Moscow city & Moscow region 

The March of Millions took place on 15 September in Moscow, with tens of thousands of people taking part. The march started at 14:00 from Pushkinskaya Square and proceeded along the Boulevard Circle. Before the march started, white balloons and white doves were released into the air. The demonstration ended with a rally on Academician Sakharov Avenue. One of the main demands of the opposition was the release of political prisoners. [Read more]