Demonstrations on 10 December see 600 Detained throughout Russia

posted 14 Dec 2011, 01:21 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 14 Dec 2011, 01:24 ]
Source: (info), 13/12/11 
According to the Inter-regional Information Group that has gathered data through questioning organizers and participants in the events and monitoring media, about 600 people were detained at demonstrations on 10 December in 35 Russian cities. reports that the largest number of detainees at protests against the election violations have been in Kazan and Syktyvkar (about 100 detainees in each city); Tyumen and Khabarovsk (about 50 in each); Belgorod and St. Petersburg (about 30). About 20 people were detained in each of the cities of Ekaterinburg, Komsomolsks-na-Amur, Kurgan and Taganrog. There were between 10 and 20 detainees in Tolyatti, Perm, Bryansk, Pyatigorsk, Tula, Rostov-on-Don and Kostroma. There were up to 10 detainees in Ivanovo, Kaluga, Makhachkala, Krasnodar, Cheboksar, Chita, Tver, Sochi, Moscow, Vyborg and Samara. One person was detained in Kemerovo, Angarsk, Blagoveshchensk, Voronezh, Nizhny Tagil, Ulyanovsk and Ufa. In Ufa the person detained was beaten by police officers. 

The Inter-regional Information Group stresses that this information may not be complete. “There could also be many detentions in small towns about which we know nothing because no information has reached us from there,” the Group said. [Read more]