Oksana Preobrazhenskaya: “I can’t keep quiet about the judgment in the case of Fetisov and Others v Russia!”

posted 13 Sept 2012, 02:03 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 13 Sept 2012, 02:13 ]
Source: HRO.org (info), 11/09/12

· European Court of Human Rights  · Access to justice 

By Oksana Preobrazhenskaya, lawyer, director of the Centre for International Protection 

On 10th January 2012 the European Court of Human Rights issued a pilot judgment in the case of Ananyev and Others v Russia. The Court recognised that the conditions at pre-trial detention centres, in particular over-crowding, were inhuman and in breach of Article 3 of the Convention. Lawyers practising human rights, detainees and their relatives as well as the press have drawn a great deal of attention to the judgment. Exactly a week later, on 17th January, another, no less important decision was issued in the case of Fetisov and Others v Russia, which has gone practically unnoticed. But how wrong this is! [Read more]