Boris Akunin: ‘I have a foreboding of an approaching disaster’

posted 16 Sept 2015, 08:38 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 Sept 2015, 08:40 ]
15 September 2015

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In his blog in Live Journal the well-known Russian writer shares what is troubling him with his readers.

‘It has become impossible to carry on writing a blog in the way I have been doing in recent years. Times have changed, life has changed, the country has changed, the climate of opinion has changed, I have changed too. I am not referring to the fact that I have been living outside Russia for a year now (given the internet that is of little relevance for people who write), but simply to the feeling that an earlier existence has now become impossible.

The texts that I included in my blog were of three sorts: entertaining, partly historical tales; items of a socio-political nature; and news of my literary activities. I cannot any longer entertain you with intriguing historical tales – I have no appetite for it. I constantly experience a foreboding of an approaching disaster, and much that is nasty has already occurred.

I have no wish to write about politics. And what is the point? All of you – all of us – have long decided what we like and what we dislike, who is good and who is bad. The arguments have been advanced many times. He, whom I failed to convince, is not now going to be persuaded. Anything that is posted on a political theme simply produces abuse and fans the flames of enmity.

I think that the time for politics has come to an end in Russia. Not for ever, of course, but for the time being. In any event, at the present time, you won’t change anything with words. A rock came loose, tumbled downhill, gathering speed. You can’t stop it….’

Translated by Mary McAuley