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posted 22 May 2012, 12:09 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 May 2012, 12:11 ]
Vera Vasilieva, 21/05/12 

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On Saturday 19 May 2012 in Moscow a protest rally was held entitled "The Nomadic Museum of Modern Art.” It was a follow-up to the “test strolls” along the Moscow boulevards by writers, who a week earlier had wanted to make sure that they could do it without permission from the authorities. 

The event was held to coincide with the city-wide "Night of the Museums". Artists Herman Vinogradov Sergei Yakunin, Nikolay Polissky, Marina Zvyagintseva, Victoria Lomasko and others wheeled their artwork on handcarts along Chistoprudny, Petrovsky, Rozhdestvensky and Sretensky boulevards. "The Walk " began at 6:0 pm in Bobrov Alley. The organizer of the event was the art curator Yury Samodurov. [Read more]