New inspection at Civic Assistance

posted 27 Apr 2013, 12:35 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Apr 2013, 12:43 ]
22 April 2013 

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On 22 April at 12 noon, as always without prior warning, staff from the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Migration Service, accompanied by a local police officer, entered the offices of Civic Assistance Committee to conduct an inspection. The inspectors closed off the Committee's premises and did not let out either employees, nor those who had come for assistance, nor visitors from France, who had come to the Committee's offices on the eve of an academic conference. The inspection was being carried out on the basis of a statement by G. V. Fedorov, a member of the Public Chamber, who considers that the Committee is "an organization for illegal migration and for the legalization of illegals." [Read more]