Ministry of Justice refuses to recognize changes to charter of International Memorial Society

posted 2 Feb 2015, 02:34 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 2 Feb 2015, 02:38 ]
29 January 2015

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On 28 January, reported (quoting Interfax) that the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation had refused to accept amendments to the charter of the International Memorial Society.

The Ministry of Justice announced that it had received a request on 16 December 2014 that the organisation’s constituent documents be officially amended following the congress held by International Memorial Society on 21-23 November 2014.

According to Ministry of Justice officials, “Opinions drawn up by legal experts have revealed that the organisation did not follow the correct restructuring procedure when changing its name to 'International Union of Organizations "International Historical, Educational and Human Rights Memorial Society" ' and adopting the organizational form of a union.”

The Ministry did not however specify what actions Memorial should take as a consequence.

On 28 January 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused an application by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to close down the Russian Historical and Educational Memorial Society.

Translated by Joanne Reynolds