Film in Memory of Anastasia Baburova has been Shown at the ‘Profession: Journalist’ Festival

posted 16 Nov 2010, 09:28 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 Nov 2010, 09:51 ]
Source: (info), 16/11/10

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Today at 15:00 as part of the film competition hosted by the ‘Profession: Journalist’ Film Festival, the film Love me, Please was shown, directed by Valery Balayan and dedicated to the journalist and anti-fascist Anastasia Baburova, slain by neo-Nazis on 19 January 2009.

The Committee of 19 January welcomes the decision of the organizing committee of the Festival to screen the film. We believe that this became possible thanks to the public statements of many civil society activists, anti-fascists, cultural figures and human rights defenders, who had been dismayed by the removal of the film from the Festival programme.

The screening began with short speeches by the directors of the films taking part in the competition for films about journalists, among whom was Valery Balayan. Valery Balayan said the decision of the Festival organizers to return the film to the Festival programme was courageous.

The Committee hopes that the film Love Me, Please will also be returned to the programme of the Stalker Human Rights Film Festival.