Russian scholars call on Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin to take ‘personal’ control of the situation surrounding the Bhagavad Gita

posted 19 Mar 2012, 15:09 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 19 Mar 2012, 15:11 ]
Source: (info), 16/03/12 

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Russian scholars (philologists, philosophers, historians and religious scholars) have appealed to the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in an open letter requesting that they “ take personal control” of the situation surrounding the work Bhagavad Gita – As It Is. 

The scholars are convinced, that “the Tomsk prosecutor’s actions in instigating legal procedures against the sacred book, which is an authoritative part of Hinduism, aside from causing considerable damage to the reputation of Russia’s culture and heritage, also discredits Russia’s cultural and democratic credentials in the eyes of the civilised world.” [Read more]