Nezavisimaya gazeta reports more arrests in Bolotnaya case planned

posted 18 Jul 2013, 04:24 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 18 Jul 2013, 04:26 ]
16 July 2013 

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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is planning to make more arrests in the “Bolotnaya case”, Nezavisimaya gazeta writes, citing a source close to the investigation. According to the newspaper, the investigators intend to arrest activists who on 6 May 2012 tried to hold a demonstration on Manezh Square.

According to Nezavisimaya gazeta, the investigators believe that the demonstration on Manezh Square was announced in order to distract police forces away from Bolotnaya Square, where, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, mass riots took place.

The newspaper’s source is cited as saying that the first to be arrested will be journalist Arkady Babchenko. Besides him, as the newspaper notes, among the activists who appear on the investigators’ list are Nadezhda Nizovkina, Tatyana Stetsura, Yulia Kazakova, Igor Mandarinov and Vadim Korovin.

“The first arrests are scheduled for August, six people are targeted. Their number is expected to increase to 12,” said the source publication. According to the newspaper, those who were detained on Manezh Square and taken to the Voikovskoe and Aeroport police stations will be arrested. According to the opposition website, on 6 May 6 2012, 19 people were taken to these police stations (11 of whom were taken to the Aeroport station). It is not known who exactly was detained on Manezh Square.

According to, on 6 May 2012, as well as the March of Millions, which had official permission and which ended in clashes between demonstrators and the police, the opposition was preparing two more demonstrations. A demonstration on Revolution Square was planned by the leader of The Other Russia, Edward Limonov, while deputy of the Zyuzino Moscow district, Natalya Chernysheva, and activist Mark Galperin submitted a formal request to hold a demonstration on Manezh Square. These demonstrations did not take place, and the participants were detained. A number of activists detained near Teatralnaya Metro station have already featured in the Bolotnaya investigation.

It has not been previously reported that the authorities wished to bring charges against those who took part in the protest on Manezh Square. Kazakova and Mandarinov who, according to Nezavisimaya gazeta appear on the investigators’ list, have confirmed that they were detained on Manezh Square. Babchenko was also detained there, while Vadim Korovin was detained in a cafe.

Approximately 30 people have been under investigation in connection with the clashes that took place on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May 2012. The trial of 12 defendants, accused of riot, inciting riot, and attacking police officers, continues. Two people have already been sentenced. Maksim Luzyanin, who pleaded guilty to taking part in rioting and using force against police, was given a four-and-a-half-year jail sentence. Konstantin Lebedev, who admitted organising the riots, has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. Most of the defendants, including those who are now on trial, insist that there was no rioting on Bolotnaya Square, but there were instances of clashes between protestors and police officers caused by excessive police aggression.