New Year cards in support of those detained in the ‘Bolotnaya’ case

posted 17 Dec 2013, 12:12 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Dec 2013, 12:15 ]
16 December 2013 

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RosUznik (РосУзник) is proposing to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg that they take part in a new campaign, ‘New Year cards’, in support of those detained in the ‘Bolotnaya’ case.

RosUznik has permission to hold a public event, entitled ‘New Year Cards’, in Moscow on 22 December beside the Lermontov statue in support of those detained in the ‘Bolotnaya’ case.

At Lermontov Square near Krasnye Vorota desks will be set up for the writing and receipt of cards. The best of them will be read out over a live microphone. Besides the statue of the poet Lermontov, the speakers will be mostly figures from the literary world, poets, writers and journalists.

Those who will wish Happy New Year to the Bolotnaya detainees will include Lev Rubinshtein, Zoya Svetova, Tikhon Dzyadko, Sergei Shargunov, Leonid Nikitinsky, Zoya Eroshok, Sergei Smirnov, Andrei Bilzho and Dmitry Bykov.

The location is: Moscow, Krasnye Vorota, Lermontov Square

The time of the event: from 14:00 until 18:00 22 December 2013.

A similar event will take place in St. Petersburg on 22 December at 14.00 in an office at Nevsky Prospekt, No. 154, where it will be possible to sign and deliver New Year cards for the Bolotnaya detainees.