Report: The Cyber Attack as an Instrument of Political Struggle

posted 9 Dec 2011, 15:15 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 13 Dec 2011, 11:32 ] (info), 09/12/11

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Cyber wars have come to Russian politics. This obvious fact demonstrates, on the one hand, the ideological bankruptcy of the authorities; and on the other, the colossal role of the Internet and new media in conditions of monopoly government control of the majority of traditional media. We publish a report by the Agora Human Rights Association


Attacks by hackers on independent Internet resources have taken place before. In the period from 2008 to the autumn of 2011, 17 instances were recorded of “Distributed Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) attacks on social and political websites, including those of Novaya gazeta, Vedomosti, Kommersant, the radio station FINAM FM and blogs on LiveJournal. Nonetheless, current monitoring of violations of freedom of the Internet shows that the most widespread forms of repression, to which independent Internet resources and their authors are subject, are administrative and criminal prosecution, and civil law suits. However, these methods, suitable as they are for long-term intimidation and pressure, are of no use in situations when a quick decision is needed, and an immediate effect required. What can deliver these outcomes are attacks by hackers. [Read more