Valentin Danilov: A Chance for Parole

posted 8 Sept 2011, 02:02 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 Sept 2011, 02:04 ]
Source: (info), 05/09/11 

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Even in prison, and although more slowly than on the outside, time still goes by. This October two-thirds of the 13 year sentence (served in a strict regime penal colony) handed down to the prominent physicist Valentin Danilov will have passed. From this moment he can petition a court to be released on parole. 

Turning for a moment from the realities with which we are familiar and refraining from assessing the chances for a parole appeal by Danilov, the Public Committee for the Defence of Scientists and the editorial board of Novaya gazeta believe it is vital to make use of even the smallest chance for the release of Valentin Danilov. [Read more]