Human Rights Defenders on the Case of the Karelian Blogger

posted 16 May 2012, 12:49 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 May 2012, 12:50 ]
Source: (info), 14/05/12 

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Human rights defenders are split over the case regarding Karelian blogger Maksim Efimov who has been charged with inciting hatred and is about to be placed in a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. 

According to Liudmila Alekseeva, chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group, there are no grounds for placing Efimov in a psychiatric clinic. 

"This is an old Soviet practice: people undesirable to the authorities are declared insane. It is completely illegal. Nobody has ever cast doubt on his (Efimov's) mental health, so why is he being evaluated?" quoted RIA Novosti. [Read more]