Prisoner of conscience Yevgeny Vitishko thanks his supporters

posted 28 May 2014, 02:29 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 28 May 2014, 02:45 ]
27 May 2014

Thank you very much for your letters of support and for showing interest in my fate!

The fact that so many people agree that the development of the country is impossible without the development of democracy in all areas of life makes me believe that sooner or later a different opinion and different views will be the norm, and that the citizens of the country themselves will be able to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. And not thanks to, but despite, the lack of information and the lack of access to the media for those who think differently.

Unfortunately, millions of citizens of this country, who live with promises of mythical stability, but in reality are living a miserable, unworthy existence, are still unable to do that (because of the lack of fair elections, fair judiciary and because of the illegal and unjustified actions of the authorities).

Still, many young people who love their country set for themselves the aims of changing the existing way of things and of eradicating injustice - and this gives us hope.

Only together and with our actions aimed at achieving justice and complying with the Constitution and laws, can we change the present and the future, in which we and our children still have to live.

Russia will be free, but its freedom depends on the degree of freedom of each of its citizens.

There are many things I would like to say and I would like to reply to every letter, but the place where I am now does not allow me to reply to all letters personally. That is why I do it in this way.

Once again thank you, and until we meet!

Yevgeny Vitishko

Address in English: Evgeny Gennadievich Vitishko, House No. 11, Zelenaya Street, Sadovy Settlement, Kirsanov district, Tambov region, 393355
Address in Russian: 393355 п. Садовый, ул. Зеленая, д. 11, Кирсановский район, Тамбовская область. Витишко Евгению Геннадьевичу

Translated by Ana-Maria Sirbu