Stop the Disgraceful Anti-Tajik Campaign!

posted 22 Nov 2011, 02:46 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Nov 2011, 02:47 ]
Source: (info), 16/11/11 

· Racism and xenophobia 

Statement by the Human Rights Council of Russia 

Judicial authorities in the Republic of Tajikistan have convicted two Russian pilots – one a citizen of the Russian Federation, the other a citizen of Estonia. Six months after the start of the trial, when the case had become public knowledge and the pilots had been sentenced to unusually severe punishments of eight and a half years in prison, the President of Russia announced the possibility of an ‘asymmetrical response’. 

It should be pointed out that for a long time before this Russian diplomats had ignored the appeals of the pilots and their relatives and took action only when the incident became widely known. This is not surprising. We know many instances when the Russian authorities completely ignore the sufferings of many of our compatriots, including pilots and sailors who have spent months or even years in prison, or under effective house arrest, in various countries. [Read more]